Introduction Of Edible Fungi

Edible fungus is a large fungus that can be used for human consumption.

Specifically edible fungus is edible mushroom, mushroom, refers to the formation of large fleshy (or glial) sub-bodies or bacteria-type tissue and can be used for human consumption or medicinal large-scale fungi. The world has been described more than 120,000 fungi, can form large child entities or bacteria nuclear tissue up to more than 6,000 species, edible more than 2000 species, can be cultivated in large areas only 40~50 species. Edible fungi in the classification belong to the fungus fungi door, most of them belong to the burden of bacteria sub-door (such as Pleurotus ostreatus, mushrooms), a few belong to the sub-sac bacteria (such as Morel). China's edible fungi resources are very rich, according to the Xiaolan (1988) Statistics, China known edible fungi about 657 species, they belong to 41 families, 132 genera, including 620 species of burden bacteria (accounting for 94.4%), 39 species (accounting for 5.6%).

2000, China's edible fungi up to 938 species, artificial cultivation of more than 50 species.