Edible Value Of Fungi

China's edible fungi are rich in resources, but also the earliest cultivation, use of edible fungi, one of the countries. More than 1100 years ago there have been artificial cultivation of fungus records. At least more than 800 years ago, the cultivation of Lentinus Edodes had begun in southwestern Zhejiang. Straw mushroom was first cultivated in the area of Min Yue more than 200 years ago.

These technologies have been around ever since. The protein content of mushroom is usually fresh mushroom 1.5-6%, dried mushroom 15-35%, higher than the general vegetable, and its amino acid composition is more comprehensive, most mushrooms contain the human body essential eight kinds of amino acids, including mushroom, straw mushroom, flammulina velutipes rich in lysine, and grains lack, lysine is conducive to children's physical and intellectual development, Flammulina Velutipes in Japan is known as the "increased wisdom mushroom." Mushrooms contain a variety of vitamins and a variety of mineral elements with physiological activity.

such as VB1, VB12, Vc, Vk, VD and phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron and many trace elements, can supplement other food deficiencies. Edible fungus contains rich protein and amino acid, its content is the general vegetable and fruit several times to dozens of times times. such as fresh mushrooms containing protein for 1.5-3.5%, is 3 times times the Chinese cabbage, radish 6 times times, 17 times times the apple. 1 kg of dried mushrooms contain protein equivalent to 2 kilograms of lean meat, 3 kg of eggs or 12 kg of milk protein. In the edible fungi the lysine contains very rich, contains 18 kinds of amino acids which compose the protein, and the human body necessary 8 kinds of trace elements. The content of lysine in cereal food is also very rich in edible fungi. Edible fungus fat content is very low, about 0.2%-3.6% of the weight of dry goods, and among them 74-83% is the human body health beneficial unsaturated fatty acid. Edible fungus also contains vitamins, edible fungi rich in VB1, V12, are higher than meat, straw mushroom VC content of chili 1.2~2.8 times, is pomelo, orange 2~5 times, mushrooms 17 times times. The content of VD is as high as 128 international units, 8 times times that of Laver, 7 times times of sweet potatoes and 21 times times of soybean. VD can be converted to VD by Ultraviolet irradiation, which promotes the absorption of calcium. Edible fungus is also rich in a variety of mineral elements: phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and other trace elements. Tremella contains more phosphorus, which helps to restore and improve brain function. mushrooms, agaric with high iron content.

Mushrooms in the ash element of potassium accounted for 65%, is the basic food in high-grade food, can be in and meat products produced by acid.

Edible fungi not only taste beautiful, but also rich in nutrition, often known as health food, such as mushrooms not only contain a variety of human essential amino acids, but also to reduce blood cholesterol, the role of treatment of hypertension, but also found mushrooms, mushrooms, Flammulina, Hericium contains substances to enhance the human anti-cancer capacity.