Black Sesame Paste Pure

Black Sesame Paste Pure
Black sesame paste pure is made of black sesame as its main raw material. Black sesame contains about 60% of fatty oil.
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Product Details


Product name: black sesame paste pure

type: paste

Supply ability: 5mt/month

color: deep color

shelf life:18months

Moisture: ---

foreign matter: none

packing: customized

Payment: D/P, D/A, T/T, L/C

delivery time: 15days of order

sample: free

Additional information:

Material: sesame

MOQ: 1000kg

Payment term: D/P, D/A, T/T, L/C, 30% deposit 70% against copy of B/L

Product detail information:

Black sesame paste pure is made of black sesame as its main raw material. Black sesame contains about 60% of fatty oil. The main components in oil are glycerides such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. Each hundred grams of black sesame contains 21.9 grams of protein, 61.7 grams of fat, 564 milligrams of calcium, 368 milligrams of phosphorus, and 50 milligrams of iron. It also contains sesamin, arachidic acid, sesamol, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, sterols, Lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E and other nutrients.

Background & Function:

1. Hypoglycemic effect: Oral seed extract can reduce blood sugar and increase the content of glycogen in the liver and muscles, but large doses reduce the glycogen content.

2. Adrenal action: Black sesame seeds 0.2ml/100g body weight can increase the ascorbic acid and cholesterol content in the adrenal gland.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect: Sterilized sesame oil coats the skin and mucous membranes to reduce irritation and promote inflammation.

4. Antidiarrheal effect: The seeds have antidiarrheal effect.

5. For cardiovascular effects: Linoleic acid in black sesame seeds can reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent and treat coronary arteries.

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